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Facts and Costly Savings
 Cleanliness, first impressions, and appearance does matter, they effect the overall feeling and visual image your place of business presents, they can also have a significant impact on its success.
 When you have unqualified staff performing maintenance duties, on top of their normal work load, the quality is normally inadequate, and their morale and performance in primary duties are often then compromised.
 When you have a variety, of unreliable service providers who may or may not show up, or perform as promised, the re coordination, supervision and monitoring of such activities can become quite time consuming, stressful, frustrating and costly.

We have first hand knowledge of these experiences, from property owners and management
who have done just so. 
When you out source your property or facility to Tri-State, “ We relieve you of these burdens”
You will have the confidence and comfort of knowing, all your maintenance needs are under 
control and in the very best of hands -OURS - 
You will then, be able to better address the strategic and operational matters that bring greater value to your organization.
Facts, Cost and Savings

Fact: First Impressions, appearance and cleanliness matter! They are crucial and effect the overall opinion and feeling people get when they see or enter your property, business establishment or place of residence. Appearance, cleanliness and a healthy environment are demanded by most people and is not an option for the business establishment. 
We got you covered!

Fact: Any business establishment or residence with a clean and well cared for appearance is more appealing, healthier and presents a pleasant environment for all who enter. 
It shows pride in ownership, management or resident, it also presents the message to visitors both visually and mentally that you care and consider their health, their comfort as well as their experience when they enter your premises We got you covered!

Fact: When you have one or a variety of service providers who may charge you less, then give you less by cutting corners or not perform as promised with compromised service quality. They may be unreliable, they may or may not show up, maybe their service plan just isn't right your needs..The stress and frustration start to kick in, We got you covered!

Fact: Economic pressure and the financial "plunge" in funds are a major issue these days.
Everyone is trying to conserve by cutting back or sacrificing to save in one way or another.
The business owner may be forced to cut back on laborers, costly projects, supplies and important necessities. We got you covered!

Fact: When you have unqualified staff performing maintenance duties or employees performing secondary cleaning duties on top of their normal work load the quality in most circumstances is inadequate. Staff, employee morale may suffer and performance in primary duties become compromised and insufficient. We got you covered!

Costly Fact: The re-coordination, supervision and monitoring of such issues, are quite time consuming, stressful, frustrating and costly. It becomes costly in time and other efforts when you have to waste precious time searching for a replacement and a cleaning service that will deliver as promised. We have first hand knowledge from property, business owners and management who've told us from their experience. They hired us, to clean the mess! 

The Solution, Savings: When you out source your property, place of business. dwellings or establishment's cleaning to "Tri-State Building Services Inc." We relieve you of all these burdens” by giving you what you need and more while keeping it affordable. We will provide a free on-site analysis and give you our professional recommendation and written quote with our guarantee, of your satisfaction in our quality of service and performance. A plan specifically designed to address your needs and fit your budget. We're the cleaning service you can depend on. We got you covered!

Affordable Cleaning, Professional Cleaning and  "We will, make you shine" 

Enjoy peace of mind, confidence and the comfort of knowing, all your cleaning necessities are under control and in the very best of hands "ours". 
Use your valuable time to better address the more important, strategic and operational matters that bring greater value to your business or organization.

               We know what you need and we know how to take care of you! 
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