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Tri-State Building Services Inc., Commercial Cleaning, Cleaning Service, Residential Cleaning, House Cleaning, Long Island NY,

About us

Owner and Founder Steven DeCarlo started his cleaning company almost 30 years ago providing carpet care and floor care services. He offered carpet cleaning, floor cleaning, floor refinishing and maintenance along with upholstery cleaningcarpet dying, carpet sales, carpet repairs and carpet installations. He provided all types of hard surface floor cleaning, restoration, sales, installation and maintenance programs. Steve also provided professional flood cleaning and restoration services for commercial and residential customers throughout Long Island NY and the 5 boroughs in New York State. 

Steven's knowledge and expertise in the carpet and floor cleaning industry, enabled him to provide his customers with quality service and outstanding results, He also provided each and every customer with superior customer service and care. 


Throughout the years, Steven has been successful and acquired many clients. Listed below are a few clients you may be familiar with. Steven has had the opportunity and the pleasure of providing these clients with his services for a number of years. Rockefeller Center in New York, Blockbuster Video Stores throughout the 5 boroughs of New York State, Radio Shack Retail Stores along with the Jack La Lane Fitness centers.

He has maintained and provided all the carpet cleaning, carpet repairs, carpet installations, including all hard surface floor cleaning, floor refinishing, restorations and maintenance. 

On many occasions clients would ask if Steven could provide them with cleaning services other then carpet cleaning or floor cleaning. There were requests for office cleaning, janitorial cleaning, building maintenance, party and event cleaning and house cleaning etc. He would provide these services and his clients were very impressed and began requesting them more frequently. They insisted he include these services as a regular service offering. The requests and referrals continued to grow. Customers were requesting many different services and the list was growing and becoming a huge task.

With 10 successful years of providing carpet cleaning and floor care services,
could he also be successful as a full service cleaning company? 
Steven had a huge decision to make, was he going to accommodate his customers and their continued requests for full service cleaning?

If Steven was going to offer his customers any other type of cleaning service other than carpet and floor care, the company would have to undergo some major changes. After much thought and a tremendous amount of research and careful planning, Steven made the decision to expand and reformat. Tri-State Building Services Inc. was born and the new curriculum would include full service cleaning. Both Commercial Cleaning and Residential cleaning.

Today 30 years later, Tri-State Building Services Inc. provides both commercial and residential clients proudly with amazing full service cleaning

Our professional experience has enabled us to offer our clients, superior customer service and a wide range of general and specialized cleaning services from the ground-up.  

We customize our scope of services to each client's unique budget and needs because we know "One size, does not, fit all"

We have been providing our customers with outstanding, affordable commercial and residential cleaning services consistently throughout the years, this has made us the cleaning company of choice, for all of our clients cleaning projects and maintenance needs.


We provide our services with pride and we assure superior service every time, all the time. We provide a one time only cleaning as well as short and long term cleaning assignments.

          " NO Cleaning Project Small or Large is EVER... Out of Bounds for Us"

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