Tri-State Building Services Inc.             

                               Commercial / Residential  Property and Building Maintenance

                                                      A Full Service Cleaning Company                      




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We adhere to a code of fairness and dedication to all the services we provide. These values define us as the best in our field.


We conduct ourselves with sincerity and an allegiance to the ideals that make us stand above the rest. Our approach is one of truthfulness and incorruptibility.



We are devoted to our cause and each other. We are committed to the idea of giving wholeheartedly to our job - a mindset that will not be compromised.


We are guided by essential principles that establish right and proper behaviors. These are embraced by all of us, and are what guide Tri-State Building Services Inc.


Team Players

All employees of Tri-State Building Services Inc. are part of the same team. We help each other and always focus on our commitment to excellence.

We protect the best interests of our customers and co-workers. We all have very important roles to fulfill. In doing them to the best of our ability, we all win.


Our commitment to success is enhanced by our ability to adapt to the ever-changing requirements of our customers, our market places and our service delivery systems.

We adapt, we adjust, and we are resilient.


Respect is a core value of our organization and will be demonstrated at every level of personal interaction. Consideration is given to all opinions without prejudice.

A respectful work environment empowers all of us to perform to the best of our ability.

Strong Work Ethic

A strong work ethic is a fundamental responsibility of every member of the Tri-State team.

We commit to take ownership of our projects and duties.

We pledge to be accountable for our actions and responsible for our results.


We will be reliable and dependable with an unwavering commitment to this team.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to find the best way, provide the best solution and deliver the best results, with the goal of providing the best service to our customers.