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                                                       Our Steam Cleaning Process


Most carpet cleaners advertise a low price, then try to up-sell extra's. When we clean your carpets, all those "extra's" are included. Tri-State's superior carpet cleaning service and upfront affordable pricing gives you everything you need for beautifully clean carpets and no hidden charges.   

We know there's only one way to really clean carpet and that's the only way we do it!   

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We employ a multi-step system to assure your Carpets are really Clean and Sanitized.

Step one:

We vacuum the entire area to be cleaned. It takes just a bit of time and removes any soil and loose fibers.


Step Two: Pre-Treatment
We pre-treat all areas to be cleaned, not just the visible spots & high traffic areas. We want you to know your carpets are really clean, not just the spots you can see.
Our pre-treatment consists of a special formula that breaks up dirt, grease and grime and raises it to the top so we can extract it.


Step Three: Cleaning Solution
We inject a special cleaning solution that accomplishes several things:
1. It foams and lifts the loosened soil and dirt out of the carpet.
2. It is a Mildewcide, Bactericide, Fungicide, Deodorant and a Disinfectant. What more do you need ? 

Now Talk about clean!


Step Four: Steam
We use todays most advanced truck-mounted equipment capable of generating extreme heat. This heat loosens up ground-in soil, kills bacteria and sanitizes the carpet.


Step Five: High Volume Extraction
Our advanced equipment has powerful extraction. Your carpets dry quicker, so you can start enjoying them sooner.


Immediately, soak up spills with a clean dry cloth, wipe with a small amount of mild detergent and a damp cloth, use a patting circular motion then patt again with a clean dry cloth to speed drying and prevent staining.


Regular carpet cleaning service is advisable: To extend carpet life, sustain peak performance and keep it looking clean and beautiful. Tri-State can provide you with the carpet cleaning options that are right for you.



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